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Victory Martial Arts Academy, which is one of UAE’s leading Martial Arts Academy known for its highly successful Training programs in developing the technical, physical and mental skills in children and adults.


We are the branch of the JKS in UAE.We are here to support our members of all ages, abilities and aspirations. We teach traditional Shotokan Karate


Improves health |Gives mental strength |Increases physical power |Protection against injury |Detoxifies the body

Kick Boxing

Kickboxing is a full body workout.Targets your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs, and butt in one workout.It's an amazing stress release.Feel strong and confident!

Wheel Chair Karate

For persons in wheelchairs or those who lost physical strength due to illness or surgery; do not give up doing karate! We created kata’s especially for wheelchair users.

Healing Autoimmune

Yoga exercises are excellent; the speaker does them every day, for an hour or more; but that is merely physical exercise, to keep the body healthy, and so on .

Kids Camps

We are providing vecation package for our members,spring camp,summer and winter camp

About us

We are one of the professional martial arts academy engaged in researching students skill development. We are regularly providing training in Karate , Kickboxing , Yoga and Taekwondo to all the major Schools , Institute and Sports centers and also supplying sports equipment's.

Instructors teach at different times and classes throughout the week, allowing students to learn the same technique, but through different teaching styles. Instructor rotation keeps classes fun, interesting, and challenging, while help- ing students retain what they learn.

Students Experiances


Teaching Styles


Self Confidence


Fun and Enjoy


Our Portfolio

We are arranging lot of fun activities to enjoy kids and it will be help to develop thier personality . our members are participating for all major championships.

JKS Seminar

Tokyo, Japan

Kids Speach

Belt Award,Abuhail


Weight Lose, Abuhail

Sensei Masao Kagawa

Grand Master, JKS Japan

Badriya & Ridhul

Yoga, Abuhail

Magic Show

Magician Sira, Abuhail

Fun Games

Kids Corner, Muhaisina

Award Ceremony


The Team

The team behind the victory

Muhamed Shahid


Karate Instructor - 3rd Dan Black Belt , Kick Boxing , Yoga ,Arnis and Kalari

Acharya Suja Pathanchali

Staff Head

Councellor , Therapist ,Motivator and Naturopathist

Sensei Manoj Antony

Karate & Kickboxing Instructor

Karate 3rd Dan Black Belt and Kickboxing fighter

George Munoz

Arnis and Kick Boxing Chief Instructor

Grand Master & Red belt in Arnis and Selfe defence trainer

Fazal Marakkar

Business Development Manager

Beena Siby

Art&Craft and Music

Ismail Ibrahim

Assistant Instructor

Captain Alam

Boxing Instructor

Sandra Baiju Prasad

Senior Karate Student

Ahamed Fayyas

Instructor Kalari and Self Defence

Muhamed Shabeer

Finance Advisor


Techniqal Advisor

Musthafa Baniyas

Managing Partner

Irshad Omer

Managing Partner


Happy Members


Our Course Batches




Fast Support

Offering Package

We are providing several packages for all our cources which is supporting to members in reasoble price

Sliming Studio

  • 2 Hr Free Session
  • 30% Dis in 1 year membership
  • 100% Weight loss guaranteed
  • Without Equipments
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  • 2 Hr Free Session
  • 30% Dis in 1 year membership
  • Calorie-Killing King
  • Tools of all martial art
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  • Pathanjali Yoga
  • Case Study
  • Practical
  • All kriya
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Activity Stories

Our mission is to provide the skills needed to help our students succeed in life such as confidence, focus, self-esteem, and physical well being. We will encourage and motivate our students to be the best they can be, but not to feel pressured to compete with others.

Enjoy days of vacation with fun outdoor games for kids

August 22, 2017 in KidsCorner

Games are a great way to help your child learn how to take turns, which is essential for being a great friend. He will also develop qualities like dignity and humility

Summercamp , help kids to learn about gardening

July 10, 2017 in Elittle Villa

Gardening is a healthy, fun activity for children. Children develop new skills and learn about science and nature from growing their own food.

JKS Cup help our kids to build a strong personality

April 21, 2017 in Al Wasl Club

Championship plays an important role in shaping the character of your child. It has psychological impact on your child’s mental health as well. .

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We have our branches and associated Office in below location.

Associated Centres : HK Rehabitation Centre - Al Nasriya, Sharjah | Tharangini Music and Arts Academy - Al Qusais , Sharjah | Al Ghurair mall - Union , Dubai |Kids Corner, Madina Mall - Muhaisina , Dubai | Markazul Sakafatthi Sunniyah - Dubai

  • Head Office: Victory Martial Arts Academy
  • Address: Alphamed bldg, Block A #109 - Abuhail - Dubai
  • Phone: +9714 2389893
  • Mobile: +9715 59179919/+9715 08153923
  • Email: info@karatedubai.com
  • Website: www.karatedubai.com